Polyoxymethylen (POM)


POM (polyoxymethylene also known as polyacetal) is one of the most commonly used partially crystalline polymers. The material boasts above-average strength as well as outstanding dimensional stability. Due to the very high level of crystallinity, POM has the lowest level of wear of all thermoplasts. On one hand, this makes the material a suitable candidate for wheel and gear-related applications and for all applications requiring sliding friction properties without special additives. Applications in the plug and switch sector as well as in the machine-building industry complete the range of applications of POM.


SAXAFORM™ C9POM C9 standard grade
SAXAFORM™ C9UPOM C9 standard grade, UV-stabilized
SAXAFORM™ C13POM C13 standard grade
SAXAFORM™ C13UPOM C13 standard grade, UV-stabilized
SAXAFORM™ C27POM C27 standard grade
SAXAFORM™ C27UPOM C27 standard grade, UV-stabilized
SAXAFORM™ C9F2POM C9 with 10% glass fiber
SAXAFORM™ C9F2UPOM C9 with 10% glass fiber, UV-stabilized
SAXAFORM™ C9F5POM C9 with 25% glass fiber
SAXAFORM™ C9F5UPOM C9 with 25% glass fiber, UV-stabilized
SAXAFORM™ C9T4UPOM C9 with PTFE, UV-stabilized
SAXAFORM™ C9X5POM C9 tribologically modified
SAXAFORM™ C9X5UPOM C9 tribologically modified, UV-stabilized
SAXAFORM™ C9X8POM C9 tribologically modified
SAXAFORM™ C9X8UPOM C9 tribologically modified, UV-stabilized