opens the door for SAX Polymers

ŠKODA AUTO as part of Volkswagen AG with its more than 800.000 cars per year production counts on SAXAMID™ for their latest door panels.

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How to write sustainability

When bottles become pens

After PET plastic has served its purpose as functional packaging, Schneider is giving it a new life. And a long one, full of endurance and elegance.

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New compounding line TSK60

Twin Screw Extruder TSK60

SAX® Polymers Industrie AG has invested in a completely new compounding line and a new hall ventilation system with dust extraction and heat recovery. These investments open up new and extended possibilities for our customers: Thanks to the two side feeders of the new line, highly filled and very complex compound and masterbatch formulations can […]

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The solution for moist granules

With the addition of SAXA-dry you can process selected polymers without pre-drying. We would be pleased to inform you about this additive masterbatch on request. Download product information: Product information SAXA-dry

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