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SAXALEN™ is the trade name for polypropyle (PP) compounds from SAX® Polymers. This semicrystalline thermoplastic belongs to the group of polyolefins, and with 20% of the worldwide plastics production is ranked second place of the most important plastics. Depending on the chemical composition, this plastic is used as a PP homopolymer (PP-H), PP copolymer (PP-C) or random copolymer (PP-R). This makes the properties similar to those of polyethylenes (PE), however PP presents a high heat deflection temperature. PP has a neutral taste and odour, and is skin-friendly; its polar nature means that it boasts outstanding chemical resistance. Modification by means of glass fibres, glass beads or mineral fillers as well as the use of different additives enable this material to be adapted to the diversity of demands in different industries. As such, this material is used in day-to-day life such as packaging, food and household products. This material is also used in the car industry and medical sector with a wide range of components. Toys and baby items are also part of the wide-ranging spectrum of use for PP.

As standard, SAX® Polymers offers a range of types of PP containing a wide variety of reinforcement and fillers (glass fibres, mineral fibres, glass beads) as well as additives (UV stabilisation, flame protection). In the event of the right product for your application not being available despite the variety, we will happily develop versions adapted to your demands.