High quality regranulates


Saxaplast™ recompounds are the materials for green product design. The
high-quality post consumer and post industrial regranulates reduce the
amount of waste and make a positive contribution to circular economy. The
specific custom-made products enable cost-effective, resource-saving and
within sustainable solutions.

SAX Polymers processes a wide range of recyclates. From polyolefins to
technical and high-performance plastics, almost all thermoplastic materials
can be processed. We work with electricity from renewable energy sources
at our production sites.

We are especially proud of our Saxaplast „Bottle to Industry“ rePET!

In several work steps, high-quality PET resin for consumer goods is produced
from 100% recycled bottles. According to the specific requirements, the
compounds can be filled with various additives, fillers and reinforcement
materials and are forward-looking examples of successful waste recycling.