SAX Polymers

Service Services

  • Compounding

  • Colouring

  • Demetallisation

  • Dust removal

  • Drying

  • Repacking

  • Recycling

Compounding service
Your formula – our machines – our know-how!
Provide us with your raw material and we will produce the compound for you as you require. Either provide us with all constituent parts for the required material, or just the raw polymer and we will refine it with our additives. Regardless of whether small or large quantities are involved, all thermoplastics from PE to PEEK can be processed.

Colouring service
Our modern fleet of machines allows us to dye various thermoplastics in the widest range of colours. This allows the base polymer and the colour concentrate to be provided by the customer. There is also the possibility of our colour department adjusting the material to the required tone in line with a sample (RAL number or component). We are very flexible in terms of quantities and will meet you requirements in terms of colour from kilogrammes to tonnes.

Plastic resins may sometimes be unwillingly contaminated with metallic contamination. Should this be the case, we can also help you with the latest demetallisation system and filter out both magnetic and non-magnetic metals. This is also possible for small amounts of raw polymers/compounds/master batches.

Dust removal
Dust in the raw polymer/compound/master batch may lead to unwanted faults such as black specks or surface defects. These contaminants can be removed with our dust-removal facilities to enable an even more reliable process chain. We are flexible and will fit in with your needs with regard to the amount of dust to be removed.

In many cases, transport damage and incorrect storage or packaging lead to the plastic taking in moisture, which makes processing difficult or even impossible. Our modern drying facility is able to help. After the drying process, the material is carefully packed so that it is ready to be used again for the onward process.

Where the packaging has been damaged during transport or you have not received the required material in the right size of container, we can willingly pack this again or, as may apply, in the required size. This is done quickly, easily, without fuss and with the greatest of care. We offer this service both for small and large quantities.

SAX Polymers Quality Regenerate and Regranulate go through the same process as new goods. By physically separating solids such as copper, aluminium and wood from the raw material, sieve changers in the latest twin-screw extruders ensure the high quality of the recycled material. Subsequent homogenisation guarantees constant processing properties of the batch. Each batch is tested in our laboratory and delivered with a works test certificate.

Regardless of the shape and size, our shredders grind machine purgings, sprues and scrap parts. Iron parts are removed by means of an overbelt magnet. Grinders process this coarse material into ground material in every size of particle. Dust removal and an all-metal separator ensure the final spotless quality of the ground material. All packaging options are available here.