Polyamid (PA)

Products SAXAMID Special PA types

The SAXAMID 126F (SAXAMID 126F2 – SAXAMID 126F10) group of products represents a UL94-HB or, as may apply, HB75 listing for all colours for glass-fibre-reinforced types of PA6 with a fibre content of 10% to 50%. This is also rounded off by a generic RTI. The glass fibre content can be individually selected in the range 10% to 50% or, as may apply, adapted to specific requirements. Being reinforced, the materials achieve excellent mechanical properties and are the perfect choice for technical parts due to being processed without problem.

Due to the mixture of filling or, as may apply, reinforcing glass fibres and minerals, the PA6-based material SAXAMID 126F4MW4 combines the benefits of both components. This includes an excellent dimensional stability just as a very good chemical resistance and improved surface quality. It is also an ideal candidate for applications where metal is intended to be substituted or, as may apply, overmoulded. Further benefits of this type include good workability and the availability in all current colours.

The UL-listed (f1 and f2 Listung) PA66-based SAXAMID 226F5RY01 is a reinforced type of injection moulding with 25% glass fibre content. This material is provided with a flame-retardant system achieving fire class V0 in accordance with UL94. In additions, the RTI of this material has been classified. The flame protection also being free from red phosphorous makes it easy to colour. This plastic also stands out for its good workability.

SAXAMID 236Q33 is a type o PA66 modified to be highly impact resistant, which stands out for high impact resistance under extreme conditions (temperatures up to -40 °C). The appealing surface quality and ease of being coloured are further benefits of this material. In addition, the excellent workability allows the production both of components with a low wall strength and also ones with thick walls.